Join Our Team at Supply Link Plus

  • Innovative Environment: Experience a workplace driven by innovation and technology. At Supply Link Plus, you’ll be at the cutting edge of developing and enhancing an online pallet auction platform.


  • Career Growth: We value our team’s personal and professional growth. With our rapidly expanding business, you’ll find numerous opportunities to advance and take on new challenges.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: Our strength comes from our diverse team. We foster an inclusive culture where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued.


  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits: We offer attractive salaries, comprehensive health benefits, retirement plans, and generous leave policies.


  • Flexible Work Culture: Understanding the importance of work-life balance, we provide flexible working hours and remote work options.

Current Openings

  • Auction Platform Manager: Oversee and improve our online auction platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient auction process for both buyers and sellers.


  • Customer Relations Specialist: Engage with our clients, providing support and building strong relationships with both pallet suppliers and buyers.


  • Sales and Marketing Executive: Drive our growth by creating and implementing strategies to attract new clients to our platform.

How to Apply

To join our dynamic team, please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in pallet auctions / surplus store and how you can contribute to Supply Link Plus. Mention the specific role you’re applying for in the subject line.

Contact Us

For more information, visit our website or reach out to our HR department at