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ECO STRONG Leach and Drain Field Blast

ECO STRONG Leach and Drain Field Blast

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The Best Septic Drain and Leach Field Opener For Breaking Down and Digesting Clogs While Eliminating Sewage Odors.  EcoStrong’s Leach and Drain Field Blast naturally increases flow and drainage in sluggish drain fields and leach beds. It contains trillions of beneficial bacteria and seven strains of powerful enzymes that break down clog forming sludge, soap scum, paper, fats, grease, and more. The added enzymes will attack stubborn fouling bio-mats in your septic tank. Leach and Drain Field Blast also eliminates odors while working in harmony with the septic system’s natural bacteria. It contains six times the amount of biology as compared to the leading competitor. Leach and Drain Field Blast reduces sludge build up increasing the time between pump outs. ✅ Cleans, Clears and Rebalances Septic Systems: Failing leach beds and drain fields are the leading cause of septic system failure.  Septic Leach and Drain Field Blast combines natural bacteria with additional enzymes to chop up and digest build-ups and bio-mats, increasing flow and soil absorption while supporting the system's biological balance. 🌎 Chemical Free Drain Field Treatment: Leach and Drain Field Blast's all-natural bio-enzymatic formula is safe for use in all types of plumbing, drains, leach lines, septic tanks, beds, cesspools, and pits. Made in America and tested to the highest standards to ensure purity and performance. 💪 A Serious Solution for a Serious Septic Problem: Drain and Leach Field Blast's formula combines six strains of enzyme-producing bacteria with seven strains of specialized enzymes. Unlike other products that use bacteria or enzymes alone, Leach and Drain Field Blast packs a one-two punch to boost soil absorption.  👃 Eliminate Sewage Odors and Wet Grass: Our proprietary formula not only increases flow and soil absorption but also eliminates sewage odor and supports the growth and balance of your system's natural ecosystem. Opening septic leach lines will reduce sewage smells inside and outside your home.  

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