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Cobra RAD450 Long Range Radar Detector w/ False Alert | IVT Filter | 0180002-2

Cobra RAD450 Long Range Radar Detector w/ False Alert | IVT Filter | 0180002-2

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The Rad 450 keeps you aware of your surroundings by providing long range protection from radar and laser guns and eliminating false alerts with advanced IVT filtering. Never settle for the limited reach and low quality protection that most radar and laser detector provide. Detect laser and radar signals from a distance with this Cobra radar detector. Adjust the detector's sensitivity at the touch of a button, and filter out unwanted alerts so you only get the information you need. Premium circuitry in this Cobra radar detector lets you eliminate false alerts from other radar detectors, fixed traffic-flow monitors and other systems. The advanced anti-falsing circuitry in the Rad 450 combined with the updatable IVT filter reduces false alerts from blind spot systems, traffic flow monitoring devices, and collision avoidance systems so you just hear what you need to hear. Updateable IVT Filter and advanced anti-falsing circuitry reduces false alerts from blind spot systems and other vehicle avoidance systems. Anti-Falsing Technology automatically reduces false alerts so you can hear just what you need to hear and stay focused on the road. Mute your Rad 450 with QuietDrive™ mode for when you want less audible alerts. The RAD450 is one of the top-rated radar detectors from the industry leader, Cobra Electronics. With best-in-class patented technology and audible band identification and signal strength, you can focus on enjoying the drive. This long-range unit comes with everything you need to get started and is pre-programmed for both English & Spanish. Choose Cobra for unparalleled radar detection! Instant-On Protection: Detect even the quickest "instant-on" radar gun monitoring Bi-Lingual Voice Alerts: Use your RAD 450 in English or Spanish LaserEye® - Detect radar and laser signals from the front and rear of your vehicle. OLED Display - Bright OLED display with band identification and numeric strength meter Updatable IVT Filter - User updatable system that automatically reduces false alerts Audible Signal Strength Levels - Unique tones provide signal strength and band identification

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